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Weekly dev sync minutes (2018-12-04)

Attendees: David Lim, Eyal Yurman, Clint Wylie, Atul Mohan, Niketh Sabbineni

An update was provided on the status of the 0.13.0-incubating release:

A showstopper bug (https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/issues/6684)
was discovered in RC3, and an RC4 was proposed for voting on December 2.
Once voting closes, we will present these artifacts to the IPMC for
approval to release as Apache Druid (incubating) 0.13.0.

Other Apache items:

- We have begun working on the migration of the project site from druid.io
to druid.apache.org.
- 10 new committers were officially elected to the project on November 20,
2018. Congratulations!
- The podling report for December 2018 has been completed.