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Weekly dev sync minutes (2018-11-27)

Attendees: David Lim, Jihoon Son, Atul, Clint Wylie, Eyal Yurman, Roman

Following the discussion after last week's sync, we will be taking meeting
minutes of the weekly dev sync going forward so that everyone in the
community can be informed. At the start of each meeting, the moderator
should issue a call for a volunteer who will be responsible for taking the
minutes and posting them to the dev mailing list afterwards.

On the call today, we decided that posting the minutes to the dev mailing
list (as opposed to adding them to a wiki, Google docs, etc.) would be
beneficial through increased visibility and community engagement. We may
also want to create an index page with links to the mail archive so that
previous minutes can be located easily.

Other matters that were brought up:

0.13.0-rc3 has been out for about 10 days now with no major issues
reported. Imply has been running that build for the past week; Atul
mentioned that he has deployed 0.13.0-rc1 to their cluster and it has been
running without issues (they plan to upgrade to rc3 this week).

If no issues come up in the next few days, we will present 0.13.0-rc3 to
the incubator PMC for their vote on releasing it as Apache Druid 0.13.0.

Roman wanted to highlight issue
https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/issues/6666 which identifies the
PasswordProvider abstraction as a potential source of race condition
related issues. We decided on the call that this is not a blocker for