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Re: New committer: Benedict Jin

Hi Benedict, is the time series database is open source

On Mon 26 Nov, 2018, 6:38 PM benedictjin2016@xxxxxxxxx <
benedictjin2016@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On 2018/11/20 22:37:05, Jihoon Son <jihoonson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Druid
> > has invited Benedict Jin to become a committer and we are pleased
> > to announce that he has accepted.
> >
> > Congratulations and welcome, Benedict Jin!
> >
> > Jihoon
> > Thank you very much. I am glad to join the Apache community. I'm from
> China and now work for the Alibaba Group. Currently, our team is building a
> new Time Serial and Spatial-Temporal DataBase, mainly for the I2oT track.
> It's different form Apache Druid and is similar to the architectural design
> of InfluxDB. Because my work is too busy to invest too much time in the
> community, but I will participate in the community as much as possible and
> let Apache Druid become better together!
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