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Druid PR review checklist

A lot of new committers are expected to enter the projects with rights to
review and merge PRs.

I suggest to create a PR review checklist to help new (and old!) reviewers
(and PR authors, for self-review before even publishing a PR) not to forget

I think a PR (because it's not editable by many people) or a Wiki page
(because it's not commentable) on Github is not an ideal form of
collaboration for creating an original version of such document, so I
created a Google document (commentable, editable):

Developers are welcome to add comments and list things that they look at
when doing reviews.

Note: the list is going to be huge and people are not realistically
expected to pedantically follow all of it's items on every PR review, but
IMO such "gold standard" should help to keep the quality of reviews high.