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Druid as a OLTP solution


I have a requirement where I have a large scale data and each record has a
mandatory visitorId field and one or more optional dimension
and records of same visitorId can come after few days time gap.So I have
records in system like

Now I have a requirement to count distinct visitorIds where Dim1=val1 and
Dim2=val2(i.,e any row of same visitor has Dim1=val1 and any row of same
vsisitor has Dim2=val2).

Can I do grpupBy visitorId and filter on 2 dimensions Dim=val1 and
Dim2=val2 both being in separate row and count on visitorId .
Since druid needs Timestamp in each event so I used currentTs for that.
Will this return result as 1.

Or druid is not for OLTP processimg?