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[GitHub] jihoonson commented on a change in pull request #5471: Implement force push down for nested group by query

jihoonson commented on a change in pull request #5471: Implement force push down for nested group by query
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/pull/5471#discussion_r204904671

 File path: processing/src/main/java/io/druid/query/groupby/epinephelinae/GroupByRowProcessor.java
 @@ -66,18 +69,28 @@
       final GroupByQueryResource resource,
       final ObjectMapper spillMapper,
       final String processingTmpDir,
-      final int mergeBufferSize
+      final int mergeBufferSize,
+      final boolean wasQueryPushedDown
-    final GroupByQuery query = (GroupByQuery) queryParam;
+    GroupByQuery queryWithRenamedDimensions = null;
+    if (wasQueryPushedDown) {
+      List<DimensionSpec> newDims = new ArrayList<>(((GroupByQuery) queryParam).getDimensions().size());
+      for (DimensionSpec ds : ((GroupByQuery) queryParam).getDimensions()) {
+        DimensionSpec dim = new PushDownQueryDimensionSpec(ds);
+        newDims.add(dim);
+      }
+      queryWithRenamedDimensions = ((GroupByQuery) queryParam).withDimensionSpecs(newDims);
+    }
+    final GroupByQuery query = wasQueryPushedDown ? queryWithRenamedDimensions : (GroupByQuery) queryParam;
     final GroupByQueryConfig querySpecificConfig = config.withOverrides(query);
     final AggregatorFactory[] aggregatorFactories = new AggregatorFactory[query.getAggregatorSpecs().size()];
     for (int i = 0; i < query.getAggregatorSpecs().size(); i++) {
-      aggregatorFactories[i] = query.getAggregatorSpecs().get(i);
+      AggregatorFactory af = query.getAggregatorSpecs().get(i);
+      aggregatorFactories[i] = wasQueryPushedDown ? af.getCombiningFactory() : af;
 Review comment:
   Can we this kind of query rewriting for dimensions and aggregatorFactories in `GroupByQueryQueryToolChect.getResultsOnPushDown()`? It would be better because we can put necessary stuffs for nestedQueryPushDown together when `isNestedQueryPushDown()` is checked.

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