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Re: [VOTE][RC1] Commons collections 4.3

On Tue, 25 Dec 2018 01:15:23 +0100, Gilles wrote:
On Mon, 24 Dec 2018 22:11:11 +0700, Maxim Solodovnik wrote:
Hello All,

I'm back :)
Shall I try to regenerate clirr report? and upload release_4_3.html?

Personally, I'd redo all the steps needed to ensure
consistency of what is used to create the release
but YMMV (and others may confirm that the above will
be fine).

Also, I've just noticed that in the "4.3-release" branch,
the POM still refers to "4.3-SNAPSHOT" whereas it should
have been changed to "4.3". [That's the primary reason
for creating that branch.]

You should also update the properties used by the release
plugin (RM's name and GPG key, etc).

According to download page: it seems `mvn
does nothing for me

Works here.

Means: it creates the template file that will be used by the
"site" goal to generate the HTML page.


But it seems there is a big mix-up in the POM with
the "commons.release.<X>.version" properties (comment
does not match the property name and value).
And the generated template of the download page contains
at least one undefined property:

Shall I manually update download page? What need to be updated?

Personally, I would not do it; IMHO, the POM needs fixing.

Best regards,

On Fri, 21 Dec 2018 at 01:17, Gary Gregory <garydgregory@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all, I am unable to review for at least 3 or 4 days. I am on the road
and my laptop just died...


On Wed, Dec 19, 2018, 08:41 Maxim Solodovnik <solomax@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> commons-collections4-4.3-src.zip.sha256This is a [VOTE] for releasing
> Apache Commons collections 4.3
> Tag name:
> collections-4.3-RC1 (signature can be checked from git using 'git tag -v')
> Tag URL:
> https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf?p=commons-collections.git;a=commit;h=5f959fd8e77bf28f6286cfb4d1e1fff27167f803
> Commit ID the tag points at:
>     5f959fd8e77bf28f6286cfb4d1e1fff27167f803
> Site:
> https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/commons/collections/4.3-RC1/site/index.html
> Distribution files (committed at revision 31605):
>     https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/commons/collections/
> Distribution files hashes (SHA256):
> 201e1d527c67643b4e75065e113006d0610e8bf5620b4e056a2e044f3676df12
> commons-collections4-4.3-bin.tar.gz
> 706a0f5b4ddfd85e5444933576ea37776219748973bf4fc3944d846823f79395
> commons-collections4-4.3-bin.zip
> 7a18a39b8b24d8688400276388d5c63da448ee7a8166561a5cffb617b952ed96
> commons-collections4-4.3-src.tar.gz
> 8a7b3ccd3fb2ba7edde7e08aa7606b3eacef260eab887358c56473a9e395067a
> commons-collections4-4.3-src.zip
> KEYS file to check signatures:
>     https://www.apache.org/dist/commons/KEYS
> Maven artifacts:
> https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapachecommons-1401/
> Please select one of the following options:
>   [ ] +1 Release it.
>   [ ] +0 Go ahead; I don't care.
>   [ ] -0 There are a few minor glitches: ...
>   [ ] -1 No, do not release it because ...
> This vote will be open for at least 72 hours, i.e. until
> 2018-12-22T14:00:00Z
> (this is UTC time).
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Maxim aka solomax

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