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[IO] Robust file remover, other Windows-specific enhancements

I've been refactoring some IO code in Jenkins lately that are similar to
the FileUtils delete family of methods. I had originally wanted to replace
them with calls to FileUtils, but I noticed that we had a more
sophisticated strategy for retrying deletes and other workarounds for
(usually) Windows-specific problems (e.g., you can't delete an open file in
Windows; this can be commonly caused by things like virus scanners which
cause ephemeral errors).

My Jenkins code is here [1], and I was wondering if I could work on
contributing some of this logic back to commons-io in some way. There may
also be some useful utilities to include regarding Windows-specific
symbolic link/directory junction manipulation, too.

[1]: https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/pull/3812

Matt Sicker <boards@xxxxxxxxx>