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[VOTE][LAZY] move commons git-wip repos to gitbox

Infra stated that we need documented consensus on this. So, let’s have at it. 

I propose that we move the following repos over to gitbox:

commons-build-plugin.git   11 weeks ago
commons-cli.git            30 weeks ago
commons-collections.git    15 days ago
commons-compress.git       19 days ago
commons-crypto.git          9 weeks ago
commons-csv.git             7 weeks ago
commons-dbcp.git           24 days ago
commons-dbutils.git        30 weeks ago
commons-fileupload.git     29 weeks ago
commons-imaging.git         6 weeks ago
commons-io.git             18 days ago
commons-lang.git            6 days ago
commons-math.git           15 weeks ago
commons-numbers.git         8 days ago
commons-pool.git           16 days ago
commons-rdf.git            25 weeks ago
commons-release-plugin.git 25 days ago
commons-rng.git           < 2 days ago
commons-scxml.git           7 weeks ago
commons-statistics.git     30 weeks ago
commons-testing.git        30 weeks ago
commons-text.git           14 days ago

This vote will close in 72 hours.

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