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Re: [Vote] Release Apache Commons RNG v1.2 (RC1)

On 04/12/2018 22:29, Gilles wrote:

I was in fact running Java 10 for the benchmarks: "BoxMuller" is indeed
50% faster on it than on Java 8 and "Marsaglia" 10% slower!

Interesting. Given the relative popularity of Java 10 vs 8 (Java 10 was only out in March 2018 and usage statistics are unknown on various summary surveys) I suggest either (a) stating the benchmark was done on Java 10, or (b) changing back to the Java 8 benchmark.

Note that the detail at the top of the 'User Guide > 4. Performance' section states OpenJDK 1.8 was used.

So, you'll change your vote?

Yes. +1 (non binding)

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