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Re: [Vote] Release Apache Commons RNG v1.2 (RC1)

On Tue, 4 Dec 2018 16:33:48 +0000, Alex Herbert wrote:
On 04/12/2018 15:15, Gilles wrote:
On Tue, 4 Dec 2018 14:08:59 +0000, Alex Herbert wrote:
+0 (non-binding)

The user guide shows updated Performance and Quality tables following the changes to the core implementation for all tables (verses release 1.1). I note that the times for the BoxMullerNormalizedGaussianSampler
have all improved nearly 2-fold which is strange.

Agreed.  But I can't say much more.  You are welcome to
confirm that either the current or the previous values
(or neither) are correct.
And we'll update the site accordingly.

OK. I ran a quick trial of SamplersPerformance and it seems that the
BoxMullerNormalizedGaussianSampler should be slower than the others.
This matches the old results.

commons-rng/commons-rng-examples/examples-jmh > mvn -P benchmark


Here are the results with 5 iterations:

RNG 	BoxMuller 	Marsaglia 	Ziggurat
ISAAC 	0.9507838314 	0.5394285144 	0.2749968235
JDK 	1.0688682596 	0.6440317765 	0.3243021893
KISS 	0.9858236618 	0.4700058858 	0.2568217134
MT 	1.0275424389 	0.5268759359 	0.2690456029
MT_64 	0.8826816707 	0.4557104478 	0.2296754309
MWC_256 	0.9507522353 	0.4196383302 	0.2114958789
SPLIT_MIX_64 	0.8377382444 	0.3617303709 	0.1846275404
TWO_CMRES 	0.8536155368 	0.387562567 	0.1884355236
WELL_1024_A 	1.0855815254 	0.5994046678 	0.3088309612
WELL_19937_A 	1.1350548335 	0.6718304685 	0.3952235947
WELL_19937_C 	1.1518394142 	0.6985743497 	0.419527361
WELL_44497_A 	1.1535128658 	0.6958294048 	0.4177399342
WELL_44497_B 	1.1679061263 	0.7237524243 	0.4451146416
WELL_512_A 	1.0579604922 	0.5813859004 	0.2975178907
XOR_SHIFT_1024_S 	0.8405457368 	0.3765978036 	0.2007193048

I'll run the benchmark with more iterations...

I was in fact running Java 10 for the benchmarks: "BoxMuller" is indeed
50% faster on it than on Java 8 and "Marsaglia" 10% slower!

Thanks for the clarifications about the reports being in the modules.
It is not obvious from the site. Now I've found them they look OK.

So, you'll change your vote?


They are next to the files, here:
and here:

Downloaded and checked with gpg and sha512sum. All OK.

The 'Project Documentation > Source Code Management' page states to use:

git clone http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/commons-rng.git

It works for me (TM). :-)

It now works for me too.

The command to generate the full site for a multi-module project is
  $ mvn clean site site:stage

Now I've found the module reports the local build looks good too.


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