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[GitHub] commons-imaging issue #38: Cleaned up PNG component.

Github user SukantPal commented on the issue:

    I have done more commits. Everyone, I am a newbie, don't know if I should've made a new PR for more commits. But for now, until someone responds, I will be updating about my commits here.
    I have added real filtering support in PngWriter. It now uses the PAETH filter for each scan-line in non-indexed (non-paletted based) PNG image files. This has reduced the sizes of the images outputted in PngMultipleRoundTest by 40-50%. Hope that will be appreciated.
    In addition, I have removed the complexity associated with filtering. Now only one object - AdaptiveFilter - is used to filter scan-lines. It is fed each scan-line serially using its filter/unfilter method. The ScanExpediter now doesn't handle filtering directly.


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