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Re: [numbers] Making Quaternion a VALJO


On Thu, 29 Nov 2018 08:43:22 +0000, Steve Bosman wrote:

I had a look last night at making Quaternion a VALJO.

I've done the following

* changed the constructors to private and added equivalent of methods.
* added a parse method
* altered equals so that (like Complex) it uses Double.equals - gets round an edge case where Quaternions with the equivalence of -0 and 0 discovered
while adding tests for hashCode
* added a divide by scalar method
* added a norm2 (square of norm) method
* added some additional unit tests so it should now have 100% coverage


I've raised a pull request,

I've commented it.

and I have also emailed an ICLA.

Not received/acknowledged yet.
[I guess that we have to wait before committing the contribution...]

I think two convenience divide methods performing qr^{-1} and r^{-1}q for q
and r would be useful, but I couldn't think of nice names for them.

What are the use-cases?
Why aren't "multiply" and "inverse" enough?



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