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Re: [math] Proposal: logsumexp


On Wed, 21 Nov 2018 09:54:58 -0500, Ahmed Fasih wrote:
Gilles, thanks for writing!, and sorry for the delay in responding.

However, you should be aware that some of its functionality is in the
process of being transferred to more focused components:
  * Commons Numbers
  * Commons RNG
  * Commons Statistics
  * Commons Geometry

In particular, a method such as you describe could perhaps have its
place in the "commons-numbers-arrays" module of "Numbers".[1]

Thank you, this is very interesting! What is the plan for Commons
Math—will it go away and all its functionality be split between these

It will depend on how much work contributors are willing to
put into the refactoring.  [Help is certainly needed even for
finalizing an initial round that actually started more than
3 years ago...]

Or will it coexist with these other packages? How will the
overlap in functionality be handled?

Ideally, there is no overlap:  Whatever exists in the new
components has been deleted (or will be) from Commons Math.
What will remain in the next release of Commons Math is either
 * truly high-level functionality (e.g. package "ode") or
 * some large chunks of code that require a lot of work to be
   worth moving into its own component (e.g. package "linear") or
 * widely useful functionality that lack a "porting team" (e.g.
   package "stat")

[Mostly these categories overlap, making CM a nightmare to
maintain.  Hence the only way forward being new components
with more focused scopes.]

I saw that the Commons Numbers package hasn't yet had a formal
release. Do you know if the team has a timeline on releasing it?

Realistically, no.
A lot of work has already gone into it, but we lack contributors
to review and fix the new found issues.
I was contemplating making a release of a selected set of components
but even so, review is needed to make the choice on a sound basis.

I ask all these questions because I'm wondering what my next steps

Want to join the "team"? :-)

should be towards getting `logsumexp`
into either Commons Math

Since the last release, only bug fixes go into Commons Math.

Commons Numbers

Would be a good fit for the "commons-numbers-arrays" module.
What remains to be seen is whether some minimal "framework"
can be designed in order to make such functionality easy to
use with newer JDKs (functional interface, streams, ...).

or both.



Any insight you have will be appreciated! Thanks,


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