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Re: [math] Proposal: logsumexp

Gilles, thanks for writing!, and sorry for the delay in responding.

> However, you should be aware that some of its functionality is in the
> process of being transferred to more focused components:
>   * Commons Numbers
>   * Commons RNG
>   * Commons Statistics
>   * Commons Geometry
> In particular, a method such as you describe could perhaps have its
> place in the "commons-numbers-arrays" module of "Numbers".[1]

Thank you, this is very interesting! What is the plan for Commons Math—will it go away and all its functionality be split between these packages? Or will it coexist with these other packages? How will the overlap in functionality be handled?

I saw that the Commons Numbers package hasn't yet had a formal release. Do you know if the team has a timeline on releasing it?

I ask all these questions because I'm wondering what my next steps should be towards getting `logsumexp` into either Commons Math or Commons Numbers or both.

Any insight you have will be appreciated! Thanks,


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