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Re: Release Managers?

Let's see how the commons-pool2 release works out. 
If it does then we have significantly reduced the work to run the release.

It's basically down to:

* ensure jira tickets are resolved and tracked in changes.xml
* generate the release_notes updates
* create a release branch with %> git checkout -b release_prj_nnn
* run the mvn release:prepare + mvn release:perform
* review the staging repo at repository.apache.org and close it for the VOTE
* push the release branch + tag to a private repo (so we do not clutter the ASF one in case the vote fails later)
* send the VOTE mail pointing to the staging repo

After the vote succeeds:
* propagate/release the Nexus staging repo
* merge the release-branch to master + push the tag to the ASF git repo
* publish the dist/release area from the staging repo or from local.
* create the site, etc

But let's see what I missed before we gonna spread this approach ;)


PS: for getting GIT setup one needs to tweak the root pom.xlm

> Am 13.11.2018 um 20:47 schrieb Bruno P. Kinoshita <brunodepaulak@xxxxxxxxxxxx.INVALID>:
> If anyone would like to take over commons-imaging 1.0-alpha1 release. We had up to RC2 I think, so there should be little left to do.
> I can volunteer around x-mas or January/19 I think.
> Bruno
>      From: Gary Gregory <garydgregory@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: Commons Developers List <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> Sent: Wednesday, 14 November 2018 8:34 AM
> Subject: Release Managers?
> Hi All:
> It looks like we have a release manager volunteer for Commons Pool 2.6.1;
> thank you Mark!
> I'd also like to see releases for:
> - Commons Release
> - Commons Parent
> - Commons Text, then Commons Configuration after a teak in Config to use a
> new Text feature.
> - Commons Pool
> - Commons Collection, a request from OpenJPA
> Anything else imminent?
> We also have Commons BeanUtils that will be a major release but I am not
> sure if more API breakage/deprecation is needed.
> Gary

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