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Re: [pool] how to move to Java8?

+1 to move to java 8, java 7 is more than outdated today even for legacy

Le dim. 28 oct. 2018 12:10, Mark Struberg <struberg@xxxxxxxx.invalid> a
écrit :

> Hi folks!
> I've worked through the open POOL tickets and found a few tickets which
> would like to enhance a few of our interfaces.
> E.g. in POOL-355 we have a request to add a new method getMaxNumActive()
> to the ObjectPool interface.
> Now this would of course be a backward compatibility breaking change. If
> we would have java8 as minimum then we could easily just add a default
> method which returns -1. But since our min Java version is 1.7 we are
> doomed...
> I would love to get the deadlock fixes out with the current 1.7
> requirement first. Because that's important to get to the people (including
> my own customers).
> But what after that?Would this justify a commons-pool-3.0?Do we also like
> to cleanup other stuff? Or should we just raise our min Java requirement to
> 1.8 and call it 2.7?
> I'm totally fine either way and would love to get any feedback.
> LieGrue,strub