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Re: [numbers] Making fractions VALJOs

On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 16:18:50 -0700, Eric Barnhill wrote:
I am interested in moving forward on making the Fraction classes VALJOs

Just a preliminary question for now, are we otherwise happy with the
Fraction class in the context of commons-numbers? Or should I look around for any odd behaviors leftover from commons-math (Complex had a lot of
those) that might also be improved?

AFAIK, there was no in-depth review as was done for "Complex".
So it would indeed be quite useful to check what the Javadoc
states, whether it seems acceptable (wrt what other libraries
do), and whether the unit tests validate everything.

Side note: Unless I'm overlooking something, completing this
task will result in getting rid of all the formatting and
"Locale"-related classes (as for "Complex").



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