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[daemon] Read configs from some file under Windows?

Hi all,

ProcRun documents to use the Windows registry to store basic service
settings like "LogLevel" and such. Has it been discussed to use some
file instead already?

I'm managing a lot of my configs in Subversion and do so with the
conf-folder of Tomcat already. Whenever I change settings using the
GUI provided by ProcRun, I manually need to export the corresponding
settings from the registry to commit them.

In my opinion changes to the GUI wouldn't even be necessary, it could
still write to the registry. But like those settings can be overriden
using the shell, I would like to be able to provide a file with
settings to override what has been stored in the registry. It would be
best if that file is always checked for and used if available, under
some simple naming convention like Tomcat7.exe, Tomcat7w.exe and
Tomcat7[w].exe.config or such. This way one wouldn't need to change
settings for services written into the registry by ProcRun itself,
only provide the configl file with overrides as needed.

Is that worth filing an enhancement-issue?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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