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[imaging] Questions about the 1.0-alpha release

Hi all,

I am almost done following the docs to prepare a release. Didn't struggle as much as I expected with the release-plugin. Had more trouble getting the MANIFEST.MF entries corrected.

But now, before I create the dist tag, and upload the zip/tar.gz (this was not executed by the release plugin because... it's a project that uses assembly plugin I think), I would like to confirm a few things

- The version release is 1.0-alpha
- The changes.xml is for 1.0. I found that commons-lang appears to have had a 3.0-beta. The changes.xml contains the entries for 3.0, with an HTML comment showing which changes were added post 3.0-beta. So I did the same for imaging
- RELEASE-NOTES.txt is still saying 1.0... should it be 1.0-alpha?
- What else would need to be updated? The site perhaps??? Or is it OK to have a few places showing 1.0?

I have time to work on the RC1 vote until Monday NZ time this week. So if I manage to get these points sorted, we might be able to call the RC1 vote, and leave it running until the next weekend - or cancel it during the week in case of an error, and then I could prepare RC2 next weekend I think.


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