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[Commons Wiki] Update of "UsingGIT" by BerndEckenfels

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The "UsingGIT" page has been changed by BerndEckenfels:

fixed remote show command and added more context

     `git checkout -- `''path''
   * `svn info`
-    `git remote -v` and `git remote origin`
+    `git remote -v` lists all remotes and `git remote show <name>` shows details about remote (for example `git remote show origin` for the default remote name).
   * `svn cp` ''https://svn.apache.org/.../trunk'' ''https://svn.apache.org/.../tags/my-tag'' `-m message`
     `git tag -m message my-tag` (or better, add also -s or -u option to create a cryptographically signed tag)<<BR>>

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