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Re: [ALL] SHA256/512 hashes

On 2018-08-31, Benedikt Ritter wrote:

> Please note, that all what you are saying is just your opinion on how a
> release should be created. The maven team clearly has another opinion on
> that. Both are valid.


> Our release process is cumbersome and fragile leading to all release
> looking a little different from each other, depending on who is RM.

Depending on who is the RM the process doesn't feel fragile or
cumbersome to the RM at all ;-)

> The pain that our release process causes has been brought up again and
> again since I started here at commons back in 2011. I wonder whether it is
> a good idea to use a tool like maven that is pretty opinionated on how to
> do things and then bend it to do it another way. Maybe we should simply use
> maven the way it is intended.

One thing to note here is there is no single opinioned "we". If "we" as
in "the Commons Developers" decided there is only one way to do releases
and this is "the Maven way" or "the new release plugin" or "use shell
script foo", we'd be bound to make some of the current RMs unhappy.


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