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Re: [ALL] SHA256/512 hashes

On 28.08.18 12:03, sebb wrote:
> On 28 August 2018 at 09:25, Mark Struberg <struberg@xxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:
>>> This is unlikely to happen as long as it does not cover multi-module builds
>> The maven-release-plugin covers multi-module releases since many years.
>> In the projects I'm working on there is no 'release manager'.
>> _Everybody_ can do releases without having to know anything special.
>> This is where the maven-release-plugin really shines.
>> Just use mvn release:prepare + mvn release:perform and be done.
> If it works first time.

I think the release plugin does quite a good job in resuming broken
build processes, rolling back etc.
> The problem is that the Maven release plugin design assumes that the
> first release attempt will succeed.
> As such, it updates trunk to the new snapshot version.
> (This causes issues with CI builds)

You are free to choose whatever developmentVersion should be recorded.

> It also assumes that the current workspace does not contain anything
> it should not.

I actually consider this an advantage. It helps you to avoid
inconsistent source trees. If you want to get around this, see
checkModificationExcludeList of the prepare goal.

Bye, Thomas

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