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Re: [ALL] SHA256/512 hashes

On Tue, 28 Aug 2018 10:25:54 +0200, Mark Struberg wrote:
This is unlikely to happen as long as it does not cover multi-module builds

The maven-release-plugin covers multi-module releases since many years.

In the projects I'm working on there is no 'release manager'.
_Everybody_ can do releases without having to know anything special.
This is where the maven-release-plugin really shines.
Just use mvn release:prepare + mvn release:perform and be done.

Of course it's fine if projects use ant, etc.
But ideally there should be a single way to kick of a release (fully
automated, same target name across projects, etc)


Since the goal is the same the same across components (generate
JAR files and upload them to Nexus), having several ways is
duplicating maintenance effort.



Am 26.08.2018 um 10:43 schrieb Thomas Vandahl <tv@xxxxxxxxxx>:

On 25.08.18 16:14, Gilles wrote:
Probably for those who don't want to use the release plugin :-)

I was mainly following up on the thread about updating CP to AP 21 [1]

But yes, it could be used as an alternative hashing method.

I thought that the release plugin was intended for all
components to converge on the same release "recipe"...

This is unlikely to happen as long as it does not cover multi-module builds.

Bye, Thomas.

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