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Re: [ALL] SHA256/512 hashes

On Sun, 26 Aug 2018 10:43:02 +0200, Thomas Vandahl wrote:
On 25.08.18 16:14, Gilles wrote:
Probably for those who don't want to use the release plugin :-)

I was mainly following up on the thread about updating CP to AP 21 [1]

But yes, it could be used as an alternative hashing method.

I thought that the release plugin was intended for all
components to converge on the same release "recipe"...

This is unlikely to happen as long as it does not cover multi-module builds.

"Commons RNG" is multi-module and v1.1 was RMed by Rob
with his release-plugin.


P.S. I hope that Rob will update the [RNG] step-by-step howto,
     currently in "doc/release" directory, so that anyone else
     can duplicate his feat. ;-)

Bye, Thomas.

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