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Re: [COLLECTIONS] Master branch build failing

On Fri, 24 Aug 2018 15:41:36 +0200, Benedikt Ritter wrote:

Am Fr., 24. Aug. 2018 um 09:06 Uhr schrieb Benedikt Ritter <

Am Do., 23. Aug. 2018 um 20:12 Uhr schrieb sebb <sebbaz@xxxxxxxxx>:


Looks like the failure is due to Clirr is reporting some breaks; not
sure how that can depend on the Java version.

Maybe related to Java 8 default methods? I'm just guessing here... Need to
dig into this on the weekend.

It looks like this is related to Clirr handling default methods the wrong way. So we probably need to fix clirr in order to use it. I found a mirror of the code on GitHub in Emmanuel Bourg's account [1]. We could probably try to fix clirr, but I'd like to explore whether it would be okay to drop clirr entirely and only use jacimp instead (which seems to work with Java

Japicmp has its own problems; it had to be disabled so that
"Commons RNG" could be released.



[1] https://github.com/ebourg/clirr/issues/1


On 23 August 2018 at 18:37, Gary Gregory <garydgregory@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > This has to do with the Java version used to run the build... I've seen
> locally but just switched Java version to avoid it.
> Gary
> On Thu, Aug 23, 2018, 11:18 Benedikt Ritter <britter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> it looks like the master branch build for commons-collections is
>> for a while now [1]. Does anybody have the time to look into this?
>> Benedikt
>> [1] https://travis-ci.org/apache/commons-collections/jobs/404183011

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