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Re: Use of Java 8 features in the commons

On 2018-08-23, Eitan Adler wrote:

> As the various commons libraries switch to Java 8 minimum what do
> people thinking of mechanical migrations to use new languages
> features. For example making of use of method references, stream API,
> etc. Is this something we should only do when we're touching the
> relevant code, or are wider migrations reasonable?

We've had extremely bad experience with commits that switched to new
language features all over the code base. They created extremely big
commits that have been very hard to review - and introduced subtle
diferences that resulted in multiple regressions.

I'd strongly recommend to only change code you are touching anyway.

If you really feel like doing changes accross the code base please make
sure you do so in commits that are of a reasonable size and can be
reviewed easily.


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