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Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Commons Pool 2.6.1 based on RC1

On 17.08.18 18:07, Gary Gregory wrote:
> These are the Maven artifacts and their hashes in Nexus:
> #Release SHA-256s
> #Fri Aug 17 09:52:45 MDT 2018
> commons-pool2-2.6.1-bin-zip.asc=c557973fdb9b917eb9bd3aea01db5ec1fd9ba81dc44de3ebbfcf0d30d3034457

My understanding of the new release policy is that hashes are required
alongside the artifacts as it used to be with md5 and sha1. Am I
mistaken and how could one achieve this? I'm currently struggling with
the checksum-maven-plugin, not getting anywhere.

Could someone please clarify how we are supposed to get rid of the md5
and sha1 hashes and create sha256/512 ones instead? Maven style, I mean?

Bye, Thomas

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