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FW: Java 11 Compatibility Check of libraries : Commons-beanutils, Commons-cli, Commons-codec, Commons-collections, Commons-csv, Commons-digester, Commons-discovery, Commons-fileupload, Commons-io, Commons-lang, Commons-lang3, Commons-logging, Commons-net

Your software is very important and helpful to us.
We would like to ask about Compatibility of your libraries with java 11.
Could you help us by answering the following questions:

1. Library Name: <library name.="" e.g:="" activation="">
2. Latest version: <latest 1.1.1="" eg:="" version.="">
3. Latest version Is the library compatible with Java 11 Compatible? (Y/N)
4. Is the library supported with Java 11? (Y/N)
5. (If "N" in compatibility or support) What is the versions that would be compatible and Supported?
6. Date of support availability?</latest></library>

Appreciate your response by 25.08.2018.

Krzysztof Dragan
PTC Contractor