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Re: [parent] change in commons.scmPubUrl in Parent 47

On 2018-08-16, Gary Gregory wrote:

> I've use the release plugin a bunch without trouble. You might want to see
> how other POMs are configured, for example [dbcp].

The same way as Compress (no commons- prefix), I've got no idea why
running site-deploy should work for it.

You use the release plugin if you only want to publish the site and not
cut a release?

> You have to keep in mind that components like Collections, Lang, Pool, and
> DBCP, the folder name is different from the artifact id because the
> artifact id contains a major version number, for example commons-lang is
> the folder but commons-lang3 is the AID.

The parent POM says about componentId:

    <!-- The Commons Component id is substring of the package name from o.a.commons.(.*)., for example:
         - Use dbcp2 instead of dbcp.
         - Use collections4 instead of collections.
         - Use lang3 instead of lang.

is this no longer true and it should be commons-lang instead of lang by


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