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Re: [parent] japicmp problems

On 2018-08-12, Rob Tompkins wrote:

> I agree with this statement generally. That said, this doesn’t
> surprise me that I made this error because japicmp is minimally
> cumbersome to work with.

I didn't mean to blame you, sorry if you received it that way. Fully
agreed that japicmp is a pain, but for some reason we had to give up
clirr (which is completely unsupported AFAIK).

> It feels very unfinished/unpolished. Next time I get into [parent],
> I’ll try to go up and submit more polishing work to the japicmp
> codebase.

Before I dive in I wanted to be sure there was no better reason to skip
it. I can quickly add a property japicmp.skip, set that to true by
default and false inside of the profile. This should fix things for
parent 48.


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