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[parent] japicmp problems


while building the site for Compress the japicmp report was empty,
taking a closer look there is a little warning that says "skipping
report because skip is set to true" which in fact it is.

added this (in a seemingly unrelated commit) and thus effectively
disabled japicmp. I *think* we need to add <skip>false</skip> to the
japicmp profile or better introduce a property like we have for most of
the other reports. As I don't understand why skip was added in the first
place I won't change the parent POM, though. Will fix Compress' POM

In related news trying to use japicmp 0.12.0 leads to a failed build with

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at japicmp.maven.JApiCmpMojo.isPomModuleNeedingSkip (JApiCmpMojo.java:1243)
    at japicmp.maven.JApiCmpMojo.executeWithParameters (JApiCmpMojo.java:130)

in Compress. I'll explicitly revert to 0.11.1 as this seems to work


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