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Re: [imaging] Updated Maven release of Commons Imaging to Maven central repo

Hi Andreas!
Happy to hear you successfully used Commons Imaging, and also keen to hear what features/suggestions you have for the API.
There was a call for 1.0 to be released, but some blockers were found and the release was called off (e.g. https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IMAGING-154).
I intend to i) fix a few more bugs and ii) fix the blocker issues and iii) release a new version to maven central (using the new commons release plugin). But haven't found much time in the past two months. If you have some spare time, feel free to look at the current issues, and see if you have a suggestion or would be interested in submitting a pull request.
It should be possible to release a new snapshot, or maybe another alpha/beta ? Though I suspect in the end the simplest solution is to fix whatever blockers we have for 1.0, and just go with the initial full release.

      From: Andreas Røsdal <andreas.rosdal@xxxxxxxxx>
 To: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
 Sent: Thursday, 9 August 2018 6:07 PM
 Subject: [imaging] Updated Maven release of Commons Imaging to Maven central repo

I would be very interested in an updated release of Commons Imaging to the
Maven central repo.
I've begun using Commons Imaging in the OpenPDF library, however I need
features which
are only available in recent builds of Commons Imaging.

The "0.97-incubator" version is too old and doesn't have the features I
need. There is a "1.0-SNAPSHOT" build which is published on an apache
snapshot repository.

Would it be possible to publish a new release of Commons Imaging soon to
the central Maven repository?


(I'm using Commons Imaging on OpenPDF here:
https://github.com/LibrePDF/OpenPDF )

Andreas R.