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Re: [BeanUtils] Release 2.0.0 soonish

Hi Simon.

You're welcome :-)

I do not have a schedule. I would guess within a month,

Please provide a PR for your change, it's just so much easier for me to
deal with.

Also please review what we have in Git master now.

I encourage you to test your software with a SNAPSHOT version to make sure
everything is OK.


On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 12:38 PM Simon Ochsenreither <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Gary,
> first of all thanks for doing all the work and updating these libraries.
> Two short questions:
> - Do you have an estimated time until beanutils2 ships (days, weeks,
> months)?
> - Would it be possible to add a Automatic-Module-Name entry to the
> file for better Java 9 support?
>   I think it might be as easy as adding <attribute
> name="Automatic-Module-Name"
> value="org.apache.commons.beanutils2"/> to the build.xml file.
> Thanks again!
> Simon