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[all] Regarding pom.xml commons.componentId

I’m a tad worried about these two conflicting statements (thoughts?):

commons-lang, pom.xml: 562-573
       This is also  used to generate download_xxx file name.
       To override this when generating the download page:
       mvn commons:download-page -Dcommons.componentid=lang
       The above seems to change the download page name but not any other
       properties that depend on the componentid.
       N.B. The componentid is also used by the parent pom as part of the OSGI symbolic name.

commons-parent, pom.xml: 1847-1854
    <!-- The Commons Component id is used on the distribution server, for example:
         - Use dbcp instead of dbcp2. 
         - Use collections instead of collections4.
         - Use lang instead of lang3. 
         - Use pool instead of pool2.
         - and so on... 

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