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Re: [LANG] Java 9 problems because of dependencies to java.desktop (Was: Re: [LANG] Thoughts about Lang 4.0)

On 10 June 2018 at 00:02, Bruno P. Kinoshita
<brunodepaulak@xxxxxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:
> Yes, that's my understanding. We would use require static on java.desktop, but users wouldn't have any issues as long as they did not use the version of the class that requires java.desktop.
> If the user want/needs to use those classes, then they have to add the dependency to java.desktop in their code.

When [lang] is used in classpath mode, there is no problem as
java.desktop is included anyway.

When [lang] is used in module mode, the user should get a compile
error unless they add the java.desktop dependency (because their code
will be using the java.desktop classes directly, so their code won't


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