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[GitHub] commons-cli issue #25: CLI-284: Fix inconsistent behaviour for short and lon...

Github user kinow commented on the issue:

    Hi @sfuhrm thanks for the pull request. I had a look at the CLI-284 issue in JIRA, and also checked out the pull request locally to take a look in Eclipse.
    I believe we have some tests failing due to this change. See the Travis-CI build log, or try running `mvn clean test` locally. I got the following in my environment:
    Tests run: 410, Failures: 0, Errors: 55, Skipped: 54
    The only other comment I have is about the duplicated code that we have now.
    `Option`'s constructor checks for either `opt` or `longOpt` being present. But so does `Option$Builder#build()`.
    What about moving the 
    if (opt == null && longOpt == null)
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("Either opt or longOpt must be specified");
    check to `OptionValidator`? Maybe that way we avoid having the same if in two places, and running the risk of someday changing one without changing the other (though tests should catch it).


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