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Re: [maven-scm-api] Looking to perform svn remote move

Could we also just do an Ant Mojo that executes SVN's svnmucc directly?


On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 7:12 AM, Rob Tompkins <chtompki@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello maven guys,
> Over on commons we’ve been writing our own release-plugin, and have the
> idea to do the release promotion using a mojo. The goal here would be do do
> something analogous to svn mv <url_1> <url_2>. Is that available in the
> [maven-scm-api]? At first read it doesn’t look like it. Would you instead
> just use the local file system?j Curious what your thoughts are on the
> matter.
> Many thanks and all the best,
> -Rob
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