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[compress] Thinking about 1.17 release

Hi all

there haven't been any really big changes in master but I think Tika is
waiting for COMPRESS-445 to get into a release so they can adapt their
ZIP bomb detection mechanisms after the existing ones have been broken
by Java10.

Personally I plan to add unit tests to the archivers.examples package
(which is at 0% coverage right now) and may merge the COMPRESS-450
branch if/when I get feedback by the original reporter.

Is there anything else you want to see inside of the next release?

I've published a site build from master:

Please note I've also changed quite a few things on the examples page
during the past few days. I've split archivers and compressors and added
a few new format-independent subsections. Maybe "examples" really isn't
the correct text for the nav-bar link anymore. I'd appreciate feedback
on the new text - as well as anything else.



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