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[compress] High Level API / Examples

Hi all

sorry to bother you again.

It seems we won't be able to figure out what the high level API we'd
want to provide should look like any time soon, or even whether we want
to provide one at all. If Commons VFS already provides the high level
API that is needed, there isn't anything we need to do at all and things
are fine :-)

Given the current state of master I propose to do the following:

* spin out a new branch from current master so if we want to ever go
  back to the scratchpad of APIs things are still reachable and don't
  get garbage collected by git.

* change back commons-compress' Main class to Lister (and maybe make
  that support 7z).

* remove everything from the current oacc.archivers.examples package

* move the Archiver and Expander classes from oacc.archivers to
  oacc.archivers.examples. Clearly label them as examples with APIs we
  are willing to break with every release without giving notice.

* remove the (File)Filter support from Archiver and Expander

Is this OK with everybody, any objections?


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