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Re: [Statistics] Port codes from Commons Math

Hi Gimhana.

On Sat, 5 May 2018 15:50:43 +0530, Gimhana Nadeeshan wrote:
Hello all,

As I proposed early I would like to begin port code from Commons-math
<https://github.com/apache/commons-math> to Commons-statistics
(For further details refer my  GSoC Proposal

though I'm not selected this year)

This is my proposed architecture in brief

1. Commons-Statistics-Core => Frequency and StatUtils classes (Can add
   more common classes while implementing)
   2. Commons-Statistics-Correlation
   3. Commons-Statistics-Descriptive
   4. Commons-Statistics-Inference
   5. Commons-Statistics-Interval
   6. Commons-Statistics-Ranking
   7. Commons-Statistics-Regression

Nit-pick: module names have no capital in them (just a convention).
So: "commons-statistics-core" rather than "Commons-Statistics-Core", etc.

While I referring Commons-Geometry

No need to refer to that project since "Commons Statistics" has been
set up:

The code repository is here:
It already contains a "commons-statistics-distribution" module whose
layout can be duplicated in the modules which you are proposing above
(with appropriate changes of course).

ported code to get a head start , I
found that each module inside, contain a pox.xml file. Are they implemented as separate projects and then group in the same package? I'm asking because
Since I'm new to code porting :-).

A requirement is that no package should be shared between different
modules; by convention, the top-level package of module
would be

[And so on for the other modules. But I'd suggest you start with one.]

If so in here should I create all 7 projects and then group those in same

No, the project is "Commons Statisitics" and it would contain several
_maven_ modules, each of which should ultimately map to a _JPMS_ (JDK9)

Firstly I suppose to start port Ranking Module as it has less
dependencies comparing to others.

Fine. But don't forget to browse through the JIRA issues of Commons
Math (CM) for things that would need fixing.  Whenever it's the case,
please open a report in the new JIRA project (linking to the CM
report), and post here your proposed solution (or questions).

We might want to create a public branch for that work in order to
merge PRs more quickly without risk of breaking "master".
What do you think?  Eric?

Would someone help me to get a head start ??

What else do you need?

Best regards,

Best Regards,


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