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Re: [All] GSoC news?

On 03/05/18 13:15, Gilles wrote:
> On Thu, 3 May 2018 12:59:04 +0100, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> On 03/05/18 12:41, Gilles wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Should we worry that there is no email traffic about
>>> the GSoC proposals?
>> Did we have any GSoC proposals?
> Yes.[1]

No. Those are not proposals. Those are ideas / suggestions. A proposal
is something that a student formally submits, via Google, for the ASF to

>> Were any accepted?
> By whom?

ASF and Google.

> I have no idea about the formal process but understood (perhaps
> wrongly) that Apache as a whole had been accepted and that it
> was up to the "student" to connect with the relevant projects.
> That much seemed to have happened a few weeks ago.[2][3]

There is rather more to it than that. I suggest you read up on GSoC at
the ASF. Start here:
I recommend you read all the linked pages but especially this one:

>> I recall one mentor
>> request from Commons and I don't see that mentor listed as requesting to
>> mentor a proposal in the (internal only) master spreadsheet.
> Where is that spreadsheet?

Access details are on the private mentors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list to
which all prospective ASF GSoC mentors are required to subscribe. The
link was sent out several times including 9th April.


> [1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/issues/?jql=labels%20%3D%20gsoc2018
> [2] https://markmail.org/message/bgw5xdzz24cdsssv
> [3] https://markmail.org/message/xnfaszgrkutd4mfe

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