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Re: [compress][POLL] High Level API

On 2018-05-02, Gary Gregory wrote:

> I'm all for providing a high-level API. That's fine.

> I would like a high-level statement first though concerning choices we have
> or have not considered.

> - The high level API is Commons VFS. Why? Why not?
> - The high level API is Java IO File System.  Why? Why not?

Personal opinion: I've never been involved with Commons VFS but was
under the impression it already contained a backend for compress. And if
VFS was the high leel API it would feel more natural for its
implementation to live in VFS as well.

File system has never occured to me as an abstraction for things I do to
an archive, that may have been short-sighted.

Either of these options would rule out anything for the 1.17 release but
there is no need to rush anything.


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