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Re: [compress] High Level API for Archives

On 2018-04-30, Matt Sicker wrote:

> Not sure if it helps much, but based on my experience in writing a totally
> unrelated library from scratch in Java 8, I feel as though the use of
> default interface methods would help tremendously in providing a nice API
> while maintaining BC.

I may have been able to avoid two or three abstract classes with default
methods, that's true. Static methods on interfaces would have helped
avoid some of the factories but all in all I feel Java7 hasn't been an

> I had considered proposing an update to Java 8,

That would be a separate thread, I guess. I'd not oppose such a move but
would probably prefer to get Compress 1.17 out of the door with Java7 as
baseline first (Tika is likely waiting for COMPRESS-445) .


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