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Re: [VOTE][RESULT] Create new component commons-signing

On 18/04/18 08:08, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 13/02/18 09:10, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> The following votes were cast:
>> Binding:
>> +1: markt, bodewig, sebb, ebourg, ggregory, oheger, chtompki, ecki
>> Non-binding:
>> +1: rmannibucau
>> Two of the +1 binding votes indicating a preference for Jira rather than
>> GitHub issues.
>> The vote therefore passes.
>> I'll start setting this up soon.
> I haven't forgotten about this, I just been side-tracked for a while. I
> hope to get back to this soon.

Jira project created (key: SIGNING)

Initial code import complete.

It builds but I haven't tested it. I'll try and test it with the next
Tomcat release.


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