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Re: [compress] High Level API for Archives

On 26 April 2018 at 14:38, Oliver Heger <oliver.heger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Recently I had a closer look at streaming libraries like Akka Streams.
> So I had the idea to model the problem in a similar way:

I've used Akka Streams a bit in the past, and while it's pretty awesome, I
feel as though taking this approach would at least require collaboration
with an existing reactive streams library or a new Commons one. In that
case, I wonder if it's worth competing with existing RS APIs like RxJava,
Reactor, Vert.x, and Akka Streams. I'm not even sure if any RS people are
active here at Commons as it is.

> An archive or deflate operation could be modeled by a flow from a source
> via some filtering or modifying stages to a sink. The source and the
> sink could both either refer to a directory or an archive file. In order
> to create a new archive, the source would point to a directory and the
> sink would represent the archive file to be created. To extract an
> archive file, it would be the other way around. When both the source and
> the sink point to an archive file, you have an update operation. So the
> basic concepts can be combined in a natural way.

This approach is interesting and could potentially be done without reactive
streams. It would essentially be a similar looking API, but it just would
be implemented differently.

> There could be stages that filter for files or archive entries to select
> the content of an archive file to be created or the files to be
> extracted. Maybe it makes also sense to map on entries to manipulate
> them somehow (rename?).

Now you're really starting to describe a high level framework. While this
sounds really neat, I feel like it might be beyond the scope of Commons and
would warrant its own project at that point.

Matt Sicker <boards@xxxxxxxxx>