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Re: [compress] Need Help With PAX Exam Tests

On 2018-04-24, Oliver Heger wrote:

> at work we used PaxExam to test OSGi-based applications consisting of
> multiple modules. Here the (integration) tests have always been in a
> separate module as they require a more complex setup.

> To have only a single module, maybe it would work to run the test in the
> verify phase and reference the artifact via PaxExam's streamBundle()
> option directly from the file system?

On its own this would probably still require the jar to be built before
running the test. It may be possible to construct the bundle on the fly
with Tinybundles but I'm afraid it would be too easy to end up with an
articial bundle that's different from the JAR we ship.

> We could also think about having a separate Commons-internal project
> that contains OSGi-related tests. Such tests are useful for most of our
> components, and we could even test whether they collaborate correctly in
> their current versions. Well, this is certainly not trivial.

This sounds way more ambitioned then I feel right now - but you are
certainly right this would be extremely useful :-)


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