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[compress] Need Help With PAX Exam Tests

Hi all

I'm trying to resolve COMPRESS-443 which talks about having a regression
test that fails if we break the OSGi bundle again (has already happened
three times duing the life of Compress so far). But unfortunately I'm
getting stuck with my limited Maven and even more limited PAX Exam Fu.

You can see what I've tried in the COMPRESS-443 branch:

The OsgiITest I've added loads the SNAPSHOT version I've installed into
my local repo last and doen't care about the current classes and POM,
which is quite understandable as the bundle hasn't even been built when
I try to run the test.

Do I have to create a separate maven project just for the tests? If so,
I'll probably just drop the very idea as turning compress into a reactor
build just for a single test case feels wrong.

I really hope I am missing something obvious. This has been true often
enough that I'm optimisitic :-)


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