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[compress] High Level API for Archives

Hi all

I've started to work on COMPRESS-118 and added Archiver and Expander
classes - without any tests for now. As I'm trying to cover a bunch of
possible use cases there are lots of inputs or outputs that can
represent archives. When expanding archives you may want to use
auto-detect the format or specify it explicitly. You may want to filter
the files to add/entries to expand. All this leads to an explosion of
overloads that I'm not comfortable with.

One idea that I came up with is using a fluent interface like


or similar. But before I delve deeper into it, I'd like to collect

And then I'd like to collect additional features that might be
needed. What I can easily imaging is

* When expanding, don't overwrite existing files when expanding an
  archive (or only if the archive entries are newer.

* Add an API for updating archives - of course this boils down to
  writing a completely new archive with entries taken from two sources.

* we may want to provide a utility class that makes dealing with the
  subclasses of ArchiveEntry easier. Many of them provide a userid, but
  there is no common interface. I'm thinking about something like

Any feedback is very much appreciated.


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