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[VOTE] Migrate existing Git repos to GitBox

This is a vote to migrate existing Git repositories from the old git-wip-us
infrastructure to the new gitbox infrastructure. New Apache projects are
not allowed to use git-wip-us and are instead directed to use gitbox. As
such, it makes sense for us to stay consistent with other projects.

The advantages to migrating to gitbox besides infra is much better GitHub
integration. The gist of how GitBox works is that git repos are mirrored
two-way between apache and github. The old git-wip-us github integration is
read-only which makes merging pull requests a chore and also makes the
github project pages a bit confusing as they aren't traditional github
projects as it is.

This vote only applies to existing git repositories at Commons. Existing
svn repositories will be covered in a different vote later on.

If you have a preference for Jira or GH Issues or something, please feel
free to add that to your vote. All existing projects are already in Jira as
it is.


Matt Sicker <boards@xxxxxxxxx>